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A maker of aircraft engines for 110 years, Safran, through its Aircraft Engines subsidiary, designs, develops, produces and markets, alone or in partnership, engines for civil and military aircraft, and for satellites. Our business is based on a clear vision of the market, unrivaled expertise, state- of-the-art production capabilities and a complete range of services for optimized engine maintenance and fleet management.

Given the challenges of the fast-growing aviation market, Safran Aircraft Engines is building foundations for the future and planning ahead to meet customers’ evolving requirements by investing in new technologies and developing engines that are even friendlier to the environment.


Both operators and passengers demand aircraft availability, the key to efficient air transport. Safran Aircraft Engines offers a complete range of services, either through CFM or via our own Enginelife package of services, to allow airlines to make their operations as efficient as possible and focus on their core business. We have a three-pronged objective: understand, satisfy and anticipate customer expectations, around the clock and worldwide.

From entry into service to dismantling, from on-wing maintenance to by-the-hour contracts that optimize operations and costs, Safran Aircraft Engines offers comprehensive services covering the engine’s entire lifecycle. We also deploy a world-class international maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) network.

At the same time, we are developing innovative new services, based on advanced flight data analytics, as well as high-value-added recommendations to operators.


As part of this wide range of services, Safran Aircraft Engines offers airlines the opportunity to limit their fuel expenses and related carbon footprint thanks to a comprehensive solution called SFCO2. This expertise-based service gives the access to OEM expert recommendations throughout a global cost approach, and a web application to monitor their savings. Whether the operator starts from scratch or has already implemented some initiatives, SFCO2 will help reduce fuel burn.