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“Aircraft Commerce is of great value to me” John Arnason, President, Avialink Ltd..

“Remarkable for the depth of its research”Robin D’Erlanger, Aviation Consultant

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Why Subscribe? – Universities:

A subscription to Aircraft Commerce provides Universities (professors, leacturers and students alike) with an outstanding, essential online reference tool covering all vital aspects of commercial aviation.  The information provided is highly researched and most importantly unbiased so it will provide you with the best, most accurate data possible.

A subscription to Aircraft Commerce provides universities with a one stop vast reference tool, saving airlines vital man hours.  Over 500 airlines worldwide currently use Aircraft Commerce – see a sample of airline subscribers opposite.

Aircraft Commerce is a vast reference tool, providing an airline’s management with exceptional unbiased information on all aspects of running an airline.  It provides airlines with access to over 500 feature articles concerning:
full guides on all major aircraft & engine types
(inc. fuel burn, maintenance analysis & budget specification, fleet analysis, modifications, aftermarket & lease values),
maintenance costs analysis (all major aircraft & engine types),
aircraft financing,
fleet planning,
the latest airline revenue techniques,
IT systems for both MRO & Operations,
freight business, and lots more…

There are also 100s of features analysing all aspects of the following OEMs and the various aircraft and engine types:
McDonnell Douglas,
Pratt & Whitney,
Rolls Royce,
General Electric, plus other aircraft & engine types

The main benefit behind Aircraft Commerce is the exceptional level of its research.  Each article uses the OEMs, MROs and vendors own figures but then verifies these with the actual users – the airlines.  Therefore each article gives unbiased, heavily researched data which can save you 100s of man hours research time  (click on the links above to see what articles are available to download).  Aircraft Commerce is currently available at half price for your first year subscription at just  € 140.00 / USD 165.00.

Aircraft Commerce has therefore become an essential cost effective research tool for Universities the world over (see list of subscribers opposite).  You too can see why Aircraft Commerce is so valued by taking advantage of our special half price introductory of just: $ 165.00 / € 140.00 for your first year (subsequent years: $ 325.00 / € 290.00). 

Your annual subscription will provide you with:

  • 6 issues of Aircraft Commerce
  • Access to over 500 Aircraft Commerce feature articles at our online library – access via login system.
  • Additional 3 login details so your colleagues can also research the data.  Therefore, one subscription is usually sufficent for one airline making Aircraft Commerce even better value.
  • Money back guarantee if now wholly satisfied.

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Universities currently subscribed to Aircraft Commerce include:
  • Bridgewater State College
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • Cornell University
  • Cranfield University
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Ohio State University
  • University of Western
  • Plus many more..