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Today we will present together with @AFIKLMEM what are the keys for a successful deployment of automated #drone inspection solution in the line maintenance process. Join us at @AircraftCommrce Virtual Conference & Expo https://bit.ly/3lEGCr0
#MRO #aircraftinspection #aviation

We enjoyed connecting with many of you @ the @AircraftCommrce Virtual Conference & Expo. Although the interaction was different from what we're used to, the conversations were just as impactful. You can still stop by our booth & hear how to do more with less. #PDFIsNotEnough

Thanks for your attention @AirFrance Case Study @AircraftCommrce Virtual Conference

✈ Replay: https://bit.ly/32ZLFLl
✈ Visit #OptiFlight virtual booth: https://bit.ly/2KqPUt7
✈ Download #OptiFlight Vendor Showcase: https://bit.ly/3nDYtip

#Avgeek #Optimization #FuelSavings

Don't miss @airfrance Case Study "Leveraging predictive Analytics towards In-Flight #FuelSavings " by D. Guérin & K. Heap @AircraftCommrce Conf. Nov.19 -10:45 AM https://bit.ly/38UU86f #OptiFlight #FuelEfficiency #avgeek Reducing fuel consumption in ALL flight phases 🌎✈

Meet us and get familiar with @LOTAirlinesUS presentation on how fuelPro boosted LOT’s fuel efficiency (18th of NOV at 8:30 UTC) during @AircraftCommrce Virtual Conference & Expo '20.

Schedule a demo: https://calendly.com/storkjet
Free registration: https://aircraftcommercevirtualexpo.com/registration-2/

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Welcome to Aircraft Commerce

Aircraft Commerce is an air transport industry bi-monthly publication that scrutinises the economics of commercial aircraft & engines from all relevant aspects. This includes fuel burn and operating performance, maintenance costs, airline and aircraft operations, the aircraft and engine aftermarket, passenger revenues and on-board systems, and aircraft selection and fleet planning.


Since its launch in 1998, Aircraft Commerce has published and archived more than 1200 articles on the subject of:
  • Aircraft trading & the aftermarket
  • Fleet planning & aircraft analysis
  • Airline & aircraft operations
  • Passenger revenues & IFE
  • Maintenance & Engineering
  • Maintenance IT systems
  • Freight business