Fuel Efficiency Advisory Unit

Fuel Efficiency Advisory Unit

Fuel continues to be the #1 cost for any airline or operator, typically representing more than 30% of operating costs. With
the recent rise in fuel prices and the global drive to reduce carbon emissions, finding ways to reduce fuel costs and improve
aircraft performance will always be critical to the success of an airline or operator.

Contact us to discover how our experts can assist you to:

  • A benchmark comparison of current fuel efficiency processes against best practice industry standards.
  • Identify realistic fuel saving initiatives to complement existing practices using the latest proven techniques
  • Outline how to optimize current processes and systems for further fuel savings.
  • Plus lots more.

Book a Complimentary Skype Advisory Session:

Your chance to take advantage of expert and experienced advice with our lead consultant Sander de Moor. Sander is available for complimentary one-to-one skype advisory sessions at a time and date to suite you.

To book your session contact Sander at: [email protected], quote: ‘Aircraft IT Complimentary Advisory Session’ in the subject line. State whether you would like a 30 minute or 1 hour session and your preferred date and time. Sander will then get back to you to confirm.

These complimentary advisory sessions typically cover: –

– An overview of your current fuel efficiency Systems and processes
– Particular problem areas unique to your company and best practice advice on how to overcome them.
– An overview of industry fuel efficiency best practices and how these can be incorporated into your own program
– Your chance to ask Sander any burning questions you may have or discuss particular projects.

Our Solutions:

Bespoke Flight Operations Efficiency Projects:

Contact us to discuss any project or assistance you may need. Our areas of expertise include:

  • System evaluation and selection
  • How to optimize your Flight Ops systems and processes
  • lots more.

Our Experts:

Willie McGonagle,
Fuel Efficiency Global Lead – M&E

Willie established and ran a highly successful Fuel Efficiency program within Aer Lingus (2010-2015). During this time he implemented and developed a world leading Fuel Monitoring System and Co-Chaired the Airbus Fuel Fair program for two years. His recent experience includes working with developing Fuel Efficiency technology and assisting leasing companies to enhancing their M&E efficiency. Willie is a licensed engineer with 30 years of experience in Maintenance & Engineering with an MSc in Air Transport Management (London City University) and Certificate in Business Technical Aircraft Management (IT Carlow University).



Contact Us:

Ed Haskey, COO, Aircraft Commerce Consulting: [email protected], +44 1273 857884

Sander de Moor, Director Airline Efficiency and Fuel Efficiency Team Lead, Aircraft Commerce Consulting: [email protected], +31 6 2471 4754