Aircraft Analytics


Aircraft Commerce
, along with our partners Aircraft IT are pleased to launch Aircraft Analytics, a powerful new subscription-based digital resource for the industry. Aircraft Analytics provides real-world aircraft specifications, performance data and operating costs at your fingertips.

The Aircraft Analytics products perfectly combine 20+ years of in-depth research and analysis feature articles from Aircraft Commerce with inspiration and partnerships from the latest cutting-edge aviation software tools promoted via Aircraft IT, alongside our own team’s experience of 70+ years in senior airline management roles.  Aircraft Analytics provides an unrivalled suite of data and analysis modules offering the industry a key reference point for aircraft specifications, performance and operating costs, and acts as an enabling resource for benchmarking and comparisons.

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The Aircraft Analytics products are divided into modules featuring specific aircraft types: Freighters, Regional, Narrow-Body, Wide-Body, Freighters, Engines.

Each module provides subscribers with access to decision grade data, built around digital tools, data tables and analysis, covering real-world aircraft specifications, performance data and operating costs by aircraft variant, with access to easy comparisons between types. Each module includes:

  • Interactive Network Performance Tool
  • Interactive Payload/Range Performance Tool
  • Definitive Aircraft Specifications
  • Interactive Maintenance Forecasting and Costs Tools, Data Tables and Analysis
  • Engine Specifications and Costs
  • Digital Subscription to Aircraft Commerce, including access to 1000s of Online Analysis Articles and Case Studies
  • Lots more….

Launch Module – Freighters:

Aircraft Analytics is delighted to announce that launch module Freighters is now available.  Freighters includes all the data, analysis and digital tools listed above and some key features unique to Freighter aircraft:

  • Freighter Loading Configurations Tool
  • Freighter Feedstock Selection Guide
  • A full guide to the complex P-to-F conversion process and ecosystem
  • Lots more…

CLICK HERE to learn more about Freighters, including in-depth demo videos and pricing

An annual subscription license to Freighters includes a full subscription to Aircraft Commerce. Current Aircraft Commerce subscribers will receive a unique coupon discount code to cover the remaining balance of their active Aircraft Commerce subscriptions. Upon order a Freighters annual subscription, their Aircraft Commerce subscription will then run for twelve months from that date as part of the Freighters package.  If you have not received your coupon code please contact: [email protected]