Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference – APAC

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  • Conference Agenda Highlights:   Digital and Paperless Aircraft Maintenance & Flight Deck; e-Signatures; Aircraft Connectivity; Big-Data and Predictive Analytics; Mobile Line Maintenance; eTechLog; EFB Case Studies; Fuel and Operational Efficiency; Aircraft Connectivity; MRO Software Selection and Implementation; Cyber Security; Integrated IT Solutions; Digital and Paperless Aircraft Manuals; Using Test Data to Optimize Solutions; Latest Innovations, Advanced Weather Data, plus lots more.
  • Demo  the solutions from 50+ leading MRO / M&E & Flight Operations IT Software and Hardware Vendors
  • Pre-Conference Digital Transformation in Aviation Workshop:   Learn about the different digital technologies trending in aviation, new technologies, the benefits of working with agile technology, and how to implement this to drive digital transformation.



Join us on Tuesday the 29th October, at 14:00 to 17:30 for our Pre-Conference Training Workshop: Digital Transformation in Aviation Workshop

With the explosion of data and new technologies in the past 3 years, it is clear that Digital Transformation is something with which every airline and aviation company must engage. But what is ’digital transformation’ and what are its implications for management, and those using and developing software solutions?

At the end of the session, participants will have a working knowledge of the different digital technologies trending in aviation and which new technologies are coming to market; understand the benefits of working with agile technology compared to traditional methods; and know how to implement this to drive digital transformation.

Click here for full information and to register to attend the workshop.  Please note there is an additional fee of US $ 250.00 to attend this Workshop.


The Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference is the world’s only event to address the key issues relating to the development of IT and it’s key use for aircraft maintenance and flight operations.

It provides a one-stop solutions for airlines, aircraft operators and Independent MROs, in just 2 days to discover more about how new technology can streamline and increase their operating efficiency as well as reduce costs dramatically. The conference provides 3 great opportunities:

  • Software Demos: A large exhibition area allows airlines, aircraft operators and MROs the opportunity to try out and demo the major software and hardware systems from the world’s leading vendors. The solutions you will be able to demo include:MRO/M&E: Fully integrated MRO / M&E systems, ERP Integrated Software, Paperless Systems, Supply Chain Management Solutions, Digital Documentation Management Solutions, Paperless Manuals, Documentation Scanning Solutions, Mobile/Tablet solutions for the Hangar, etc;  Flight Operations: Digital and Paperless Solutions for the Flight Deck, EFB, ETL, Flight Planning Systems, Fuel Management / Efficiency, Aircraft Connectivity, Crew & Scheduling Solutions, Load Management, etc. Click here for a full list of exhibiting IT vendors and to learn about the software you will be able to demo at the conference. 50+ IT and hardware vendors are exhibiting their Solutions in 2019!
  • Agenda of Presentations: A 2 day agenda of presentations, given by industry experts and the IT users themselves, will discuss the latest key issues and trends in this rapidly developing sector of the industry. Case studies, vendor showcases and interactive workshops are included to ensure that delegates receive key, varied and fresh information.
  • Network with your peers: 400+ key executives from airlines, operators, MROs, OEMs, IT Vendors, Regulators and Consultants from across the Americas zone and beyond will be in attendance allowing for exceptional networking and the exchange of ideas.


The conference is a must-attend event for airlines, aircraft operators and MRO providers who are seeking to:

  • Install new MRO / M&E or Flight Operations IT Systems.
  • Replace an existing IT system with a new one.
  • Network with and learn from fellow MROs, airlines & aircraft operators about the common problems and how to overcome them.
  • Learn about the latest upgrades available from the world’s major vendors and how best to incorporate them into your current system.
  • Simply a fact finding mission to learn about the whole process.

Register & Attend

There are various special offers and early booking discounts which make this event extremely cost effective to attend. Airline / Aircraft Operators & MROs can benefit from our special VIP delegate scheme.

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“Very informative, I continue to learn information that I can use to help direct my company’s direction on EFBs” Captain, American Airlines

“Always a good place to see what is happen on the market” — Project Manager, Lufthansa Technik

“Great array of speakers” — Portfolio Management, Jeppesen, A Boeing Company