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AIR SUPPORT is one of the world’s leading suppliers of Flight Planning software with web-based CrewBriefing facilities.

PPS (Preflight Planning System) is a modern, user-friendly system which optimize work-flow and minimize work-load for dispatchers with atomization and integration to other software solutions used in the Airline industry.

PPS generates a complete briefing package available directly on CrewBriefing or its accompanying app, providing the crew with online access to company messages, flight log, trip-tailored surface weather data, NOTAMs, wind- and significant weather charts and the high-quality vertical cross-sectional chart.


PPS offers:

World’s most flexible airline flight planning system

Automated filing, calculation and dispatch of all selected flights

Automated data import from scheduling/crew/maintenance systems

Automated data export to present or future EFB solutions

Automated consideration of company policies and dispatch parameters

Automated flight briefing packages with the highest quality

Low acquisition and running costs offering highest cost/benefit ratio in the market


PPS also offers AutoDispatch and AutoFiling functionalities via the fully automated AMEXSY internet-based flight plan (FPL) filing system. These features enable airlines to run completely automatic calculations of all flight plans on a dynamic FPL filing basis. Thus, when changes occur in the airline’s scheduling/crew planning system, PPS will automatically re-calculate all flight log data based on the new information as well as auto-file all ATC changes to the CFMU and other relevant FIRs outside the CFMU area.


Furthermore, PPS provides a dynamic data feed of schedule changes, aircraft changes and load data etc. PPS’ core flight planning engine recognizes the aircraft’s performance profiles, DOC costs, fuel costs and the en-route overflight charges. Such capabilities combined enable the airline to achieve fully automatic optimization and selection of the minimum production cost routing and best economical FL profile for all flights in relation to actual weight and forecasted en-route winds and temperatures.


The combined synergy of PPS will ensure that your airline will have the most modern and powerful flight planning system available.

AIR SUPPORT invites you to visit our stand during the conference show. We look forward to showing you the best flight planning system and demonstrate its integrity and features in relation to your requirements.

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