For more than 30 years APSYS is engaged in risk management. As an ambitious Airbus subsidiary APSYS serves customers worldwide in determining leading risk management standards in close cooperation with our customers.

Deeply rooted in aerospace engineering, our experts are involved throughout the entire lifecycle of an aircraft from design to in-service operations guaranteeing reliable and safe aircraft operations (Product Assurance & Safety). APSYS supports its customers in achieving highest security standards for their operational and Information Technology to reduce vulnerability. We make sure our clients have state of the art tools and processes established to manage attacks and threats (Product Security). On behalf of our customers, we have defined and implemented processes and tools for controlling technical, human and operational risks. With more than 450 employees we support the aerospace industry, but also the defense, transportation and energy sector.

Driving continuous innovation based on trust, expertise and dedication is the key to our success. APSYS.lab is one of our cornerstones to determine future solutions. APSYS experts are engaged in determining autonomous vehicle risk mitigation; they participate in Airbus projects like Zero AOG with the goal to reduce AOG events to ‘0’ by 2025 based on predictive maintenance.

Finding the right solution based on agile innovation consulting complemented by software solutions with a high level of scientific and technological integration is our ambition.  

Consulting SERVICES

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
to establish a continuous risk management strategy and process (gap analysis, risk identification and assessment, analysis, reporting, technologies and processes to be applied, organizational implementation).     
Digitalization & Analytics (DA) to ensure a cost efficient and smooth digital transformation (system integration and hosting, IT management and selection, data processing and quality assurance, simulation and optimizers, analytics and BI). Integration and analytics support for Skywise.

Airline and MRO Excellence (AME) to ensure operational excellence (supply chain management, SLA management, safety & compliance, operations and maintenance control center management (OCC, MCC)).

Maintenance & Risk Management SOLUTIONS

APSYS assists airlines and MROs in their digital transformation with the goal of managing maintenance in a fully dynamic environment driven by predictive maintenance, diagnostics and health monitoring. The objective is to actively transform our current maintenance solution AMASIS (former IFR) in such a manner that it serves tomorrow’s maintenance needs. The first step is done, AMASIS is Skywise compatible, giving AMASIS users access to one of the leading open data platforms. AMASIS is a robust and flexible maintenance solution meeting the needs of airlines and MROs. AMASIS is used by +60 customers, manages over 2.000 aircraft and supports 6.000 connected users worldwide for airworthiness tracking, maintenance program management, maintenance planning, production management and control, man hour and documentation management, assets and stock management, supplemented by cost control.

IBIS is an integrated business intelligence solution for AMASIS with ready to use reports and dashboards.

SimFIA is an analytics and simulation software to identify risks and system failures.

SimLOG is used to assure seamless logistics by modeling operational failure rates, time of repair, exchange, cost, etc.  



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