Communications Software (Airline Systems) Ltd. (Commsoft) has produced cutting edge software for aviation maintenance and engineering for over 40 years. Commsoft produces a market- leading product, which supports approximately 140 airlines, operators and maintenance organisations in 65 countries throughout the world.

The Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System (OASES) is an easy to use, but functionally sophisticated system which increases efficiency and reduces costs in many key areas. For flexibility and ease of implementation the product has been designed in a modular fashion.               

The product set covers the following modules:

  • Core Module – OASES Operating Systems, Security Management, Database, Help System, Support Systems and System Development
  • Continuing Airworthiness – Fleet Reliability, Aircraft Build, Component Tracking, Assemblies, Maintenance Programme, AD/SB Control, Repetitive Defect Alerts, Deferred Defects, Tech Log Recording, Repair and Damage control, Dispatch Reliability and Forecasting (including a mobile forecast tool).
  • Planning – Maintenance Tasks, Maintenance Job Instructions, Documentation Control, Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletin Tasks, Material Pre-Loads, Access Panels, Maintenance Check Packages and Inter-Check Relationships.
  • Production – Task Status Classifications, Work Card Recording, Maintenance Findings, Labour Tracking, Material Tracking, Experience Log, Cost Collection and Control, Work in Progress, Tooling Control including RFID control of tools
  • Line Maintenance Control – Short Term Maintenance Planning, Electronic Data Integration, Integration with Technical Records, Integration with Inventory Database, Defect Histories and Troubleshooting, Electronic MEL and Fluid Uplifts Management.
  • Materials – Order Control, Stock Control, Shortage Control, Multiple Warehouses, Batch/Serial Number Traceability, Loan Control, Shipping and Stock Valuation.
  • Commercial Management – Creation of Quotations, Contract Modelling, Invoicing including:  Labour Rates, Material Costs, Freight Charges, Service Charges, Discount Structures, Sales Tax/VAT, Auditing and Reporting.
  • Warranty Module – Includes Warranty Agreements, Warranty Tracking, Warranty Administration and Warranty Reporting.

OASES Mobile options are available and applications have been developed for both Android® and Apple® devices. The OASES strategy call for more functionality to be moved to mobile devices in the future where this is required. The OASES Material App is currently available and allows stock look-ups to be carried out and stock audits. 

The OASES system has a wide array of services ranging from implementation support, user training, system tailoring, as well as day-to-day help desk, maintenance support and update release services.

All of these services together provide the user with the professional service and reliability our customers have come to expect. The product is constantly improved and refined in collaboration with airline, aircraft maintenance and supplies clients. This has been proven worldwide in a variety of live maintenance environments from large LINUX systems to PC networks. These systems have been the basis for administrative procedures that have received FAA, JAA and national CAA approval. Commsoft OASES can also offer a Hosted Solution that offers access to the full functional capability of OASES but in a hosted environment, which is ideal for smaller operators, start-up operators and CAMO’s.

All modules are designed to talk to each other where necessary and form an integrated solution when used together. This integration means that data is only entered once and made available to the other modules as necessary throughout the system. The modules can all be used standalone, and it is initially this feature of the implementation at client sites that enables the project to be broken down into manageable parts. The modules will be implemented over the project timescales gradually adding the functionality from each additional module, to the whole project solution. This enables client sites to end up with the fully integrated OASES system and therefore an integrated solution. OASES uses the world’s leading database in Oracle. Oracle shares common features with OASES namely:  

  • Speed – consistently the fastest in its class
  • Security and reliability – very high availability; proven security.
  • Scalability – can grow with your business.
  • Integrated with ops, HR, finance systems, ETLs and EFBs.
  • Cost – low ‘cost of ownership’

Our customers’ fleets range from five aircraft to over 100 and include most current aircraft types, ranging from small corporate and regional aircraft, up to ultra-large widebody jets.  This shows our flexibility and commitment to providing excellent service and support, to small and large firms alike.

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