EXSYN Aviation Solutions is an industry recognized partner for engineering & data solutions for the aviation industry. Driven by the purpose of supporting airlines ad MRO’s to adapting to an increasingly digital aviation world, EXSYN’s capabilities have grown from a sole consulting firm to an aviation IT and managed service provider. EXSYN’s offering of applications and services is specialized for the fields of aircraft data management, data analytics & aircraft data processing.
Our solutions are driven out of real airline use-cases and focus on aircraft reliability management, predictive maintenance, data processing and managed services for data migration, aircraft data optimization, and robotic process automation.
Reliability Management & Predictive Maintenance

Increase fleet availability & reduce AOG with Avilytics, the reliability management and predictive software tool used by Engineering & Maintenance.

Avilytics covers the entire value chain within maintenance and engineering and includes the following suites: AOG Risk Prediction, Reliability Engineering, Logistics, E&M KPI and Engine Health Monitoring. By using Avilytics you get instant insights in your fleet status, reliability, organizational performance and aircraft risk profiles with the aim to reduce AOG’s and achieve optimal fleet availability against the lowest costs.