Seamless, Cost Effective and Secure Global Access to Mobile Data

Founded in 2010, GigSky is a leading provider of global connectivity solutions, leveraging the most advanced GSM networks in the world. Our service is structured for ease of use, centralized management, high-availability, and great value.

Our carrier-grade infrastructure serves mission-critical data needs for enterprises, including major global airlines. GigSky has become the go-to communications provider for Electronic Flight Bag and Electronic Flight Log, serving the needs of both flight and cabin crew.

Utilizing a single provider for global data communications makes it easy to manage your data budget and GigSky customers are provided with a centralized portal, enabling full visibility on usage patterns and data consumption across thousands of devices. The portal is browser-based, and supported on any PC, Mac, or tablet. Users can create custom notifications, manage data policies, and see usage in real-time.

A Network Built for Critical EFB Connectivity

  • 145+ Country Coverage – PLEASE CHANGE TO: 190+ Country Coverage
  • Tier 1 Mobile Network Operators
  • Tools to Monitor and Analyze EFB Data Use
  • Fully Redundant, Global Network
  • Affordable Zone Pricing

GigSky is headquartered in Palo Alto, California with offices in Denmark, Canada and India.  Learn more about GigSky on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
Contact:  Vikas Chand

Telephone:  +45 39158025
Email:  [email protected]

Address:  GigSky ApS., Lyngbyvej 20, 3., 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark