Modern airline fleet management demands both operational effectiveness and financial efficiency, particularly with over 70% of the whole-life costs of complex equipment incurred during in-service support. Power-by-the-hour or total care type contracts have also become increasingly significant, making the availability of the aircraft, engines and aircraft components the primary driver for operational success. But this must be achieved within a robust financial structure, under increasing regulatory control and with the impact of globalization. IFS offers solutions that focus on reducing and managing aviation support costs, whilst also increasing asset availability and delivering comprehensive, intelligent and predictive support.
IFS provides modern, powerful and user friendly business software which supports cost reduction and achievement of required service levels through the life cycle of commercial aviation fleets. To achieve high levels of availability in the commercial aviation environment, IFS understands that operators, suppliers and service providers need to continually improve performance of fleets, assets and the associated maintenance processes with a fleet perspective, considering geographic locations, in an enterprise wide solution. IFS targets fleet availability by recognizing that this is improved where processes are agile and efficient, and fleet maintenance and operational servicing are synchronized.
For nearly 20 years, IFS has worked closely with leading original equipment manufacturers, contractors, suppliers and service companies to ensure our solutions meet the commercial aviation support industry’s stringent requirements for maintenance of aircraft fleets. With over 400 Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) or Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) companies using IFS solutions today, our strategic focus on the commercial aviation industry is evidenced in a deep industry expertise, broad functional coverage and a solid track record.  IFS offers flexible, modular business solutions that manage the entire commercial aviation lifecycle of contracts, projects, MRO, assets and services. IFS offers functionality for contract and project management, risk management, budgeting and forecasting, engineering, material management, sub-contracting, document management, fabrication, service and maintenance management, as well as financials and human resources.
Being component-based, i.e. built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), it is easier to implement and implementation can be incremental to align with the growth and scope of your business – offering flexibility and agility to changing organizations through scale-up/down of operations as well as company acquisitions and divestments within one global, multi-country, multi-site, multi-language application.
We have a cross-section of customers from airports, airlines and independent MRO organizations as well as a significant defense customer base and IFS has built and deployed solutions with capabilities that cover all aspects of the lifecycle of aircraft, engines and aircraft components.

  • Optimized maintenance visits
  • Improved reliability and maintainability
  • Optimized planning and forecasting
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and control
  • Enhanced accuracy of asset configuration records
  • Advanced regulatory and safety compliance
  • Improved use of facility capacity
  • Increased customer service
  • Minimized overall operating costs
  • Minimized turnaround times