MBS Electronics


MBS Electronic Systems brings to the airlines a complete networked system which addresses configuration control, remote update, administration as well as data loading. It is the ideal solution for data loading EFB and IFE and providing a cost effective answer to the ongoing Floppy disk issue.

However, MBS was quick to realize that floppy disk obsolescence was not an isolated case, but a symptom of a much greater issue facing the airline industry. Existing software distribution systems for many airlines still required most software parts to be copied onto physical media (floppy disks, CD/DVD, PCMCIA both Linear & ATA, Compact Flash etc.) to be used with either airborne or portable data loaders, but these devices are becoming difficult to procure and their quality is falling.

Throughout the industry a desire exists to find alternative data loading solutions and to benefit from recent technological advances. MBS took up this challenge and expanded the scope of its data loading products to support these legacy systems and bring them under the control of MBS’ advanced web-based Software Management Tool, the FLS-Desk.

MBS brings to the airlines a complete, secure, networked system addressing remote administration and updates, fleet configuration control and e-enabled data loading for ARINC 615, ARINC 615A, PCMCIA, Compact Flash, USB memory devices, EFB, IFE and LEAP engines.

Beginning with Lufthansa and easyJet, the mini PDL-Pad, the FLS-Desk and the PDL Adapters have been in service since 2013. Since then, more than 50 airlines and MROs have opted for MBS‘ solutions with more than 650 PDLs in the field. Its small, lightweight profile, easy to use touch pad interface, together with the FLS-Desk and PDL Adapter has made it the most sought-after and popular data loading solution on the market today.

MBS Electronics  Systems is committed to research and development with an emphasis in producing intelligent solutions that manage and deliver aircraft data more efficiently and the company directs a significantly large proportion of its turnover back to that effort. MBS’ innovative technology and collaborative customer relationships have revolutionized the way aircraft operators access, manage and utilize their data, helping them achieve higher safety, performance and efficiency goals.

MBS provides full life-cycle services for embedded product design and development. With its committment to quality and customer satisfaction, it is a source for high integrity hardware and software engineering  and IT services and a range of COTS electronic hardware products.

MBS Electronic Systems GmbH is headquartered near Munich, Germany.