Orlando© Suite for Technical Publications


Orlando Suite for TechPubs is a software solution to store, edit, publish, distribute and consult Maintenance and Flight Ops technical publications.


Orlando supports the main aeronautics documentation standards (ATA Spec 2300, ATA iSpec 2200, S1000D) as well as manufacturers specific data models (Airbus, Boeing, ATR, …) and airlines in-house manuals.


The suite, composed of 7 modules designed by TechPubs functional experts, provides an efficient and business-oriented documentation management workflow.



Orlando relies on Big Data technology that improves the user experience by offering super-fast browsing and searching features.


The suite is a full-web service available either as a cloud-based SaaS solution or on-premise. The document viewer is also available for mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows) and supports both online and offline consultation.


Orlando customers benefit from premium support delivered by a dedicated expert team who knows the aeronautics business and speaks the end-users’ language. This team is committed to assisting Orlando customers at every stage of the documentation management workflow.


For more information please contact:
Alban Biard,
Sales Manager
[email protected]
Phone : +33 (0)5 34 36 29 71
Mobile : +33 (0)6 74 82 03 72

Orlando© Suite, an Infotel solution


Orlando Suite for TechPubs is developed by Infotel, an IT Consultancy and Software Editing Company. Its Aeronautics, Security & Documentation branch located in Toulouse-Blagnac, France, has been delivering documentation solutions and services since 2004. Infotel is a member of the ATA e-Business Program and TechPubs is one of its main fields of expertise.

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