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About Seabury Solutions
Seabury Solutions is a leading global aviation software development and consultancy company. It was established in 2002 and forms part of the Seabury Group. Seabury Solutions has built a reputation in that time as the vendor who delivers cost effective world class aviation management software. The integrated product range includes;

MRO IT Performance Analysis Regulatory Airport Management

The network of offices is located in Ireland, Netherlands, Argentina, USA and the Philippines.

About The Seabury Group 
Seabury Group LLC is a leading global advisory and professional services firm delivering diversified and responsive business solutions to clients in Aviation, Aerospace & Defense, Transportation, and related industries. Seabury Group LLC was founded in 1995 with two principal groups, Seabury Advisory Group LLC and Seabury Capital LLC.

Alkym® Management and Control System for Aircraft Maintenance
Alkym is the integrated modular MRO software offered by Seabury Solutions. Each customer can select from the list of 18 modules available to cater for their own specific organisation.

Alkym brings the top functionality within the budget of airlines & MRO companies of all sizes. The pricing models include license or a lease model to suit every type of organisation. To date Alkym has been deployed in over 75 customers across 35 countries as a proven solution.

Alkym can be implemented in short timescales when compared to industry norms with averages from 8 to 16 weeks.

Seabury Solutions product line in aviation software tools includes the Enterprise Performance Analysis System (“EPAS”) suite. From this product suite the MRO / Technical Operations departments can gain significant return on investment driven by intelligent decision making tools. The options include the possibility to integrate Alkym with:

Maintenance Performance Analysis System Contract Performance Analysis System
A highly configurable tool that enables the users to define, measure and manage the cost and revenue activities associated with their aircraft maintenance functions.  The tool is appropriate for both airlines and for third party service providers. A highly configurable and efficient software for defining and applying contractual terms and conditions for transactions in order to generate an expected financial value to ensure maximum operational efficiency


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