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Swiss AviationSoftware is a 100% subsidiary of Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. with its headquarters in Basel/Switzerland. The company was founded in 2004, but the history of its product AMOS goes back to the year 1989 when the foundations for the software solution had been laid. In 1992, the system was sold for the first time and sales have increased in double digits ever since. With the spin-off from its mother company the team has been given the opportunity to fully concentrate on its core business to successfully develop market and sell the one product called “AMOS”.


Market Position

AMOS is a comprehensive, fully-integrated software package that successfully manages the maintenance, engineering and logistics requirements of modern airlines and MRO providers by fulfilling demanding airworthiness standards.  

Swiss-AS positions itself not as a pure software house, but as a company tightly linked to airline business. Being in touch with active aircraft maintenance on a daily basis and therefore able to capture MRO trends at a very early stage, Swiss AviationSoftware unites almost 30 years of IT experience with profound MRO expertise and offers its customers a functionally unsurpassed and technologically state-of-the-art maintenance system.



To date, over 170 customers from all over the world steer their maintenance activities with AMOS, which makes AMOS one of the industry-leading MRO software solutions worldwide.     

The growing “AMOS community” ranges from pure operators, major charter, regional and low-cost carriers up to large airline groups and MRO providers – a proof that AMOS is fit for any environment, regardless of size or geographical origin. The fact that no AMOS customer has ever replaced AMOS by another system speaks for itself.

The solid customer base actively contributes to the continuous development of the product and a valuable external network and comprehensive knowledge database could be established through close collaboration with the customers.


AMOS Services    

AMOS is completely written in JAVA, fully web-enabled and hardware-independent. In addition, Swiss-AS offers its customers a full package of services ranging from initial requirement studies, process analysis, through onsite-support, user training, data migration, audits to system customizations, interface programming, 24h/7d support, etc.


  For more information, please contact us:

  Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd. P.O. Box, 4002 Basel, Switzerland 
  Tel.: +41 61 582 7294
  Fax.: +41 61 582 7017