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At Collins Aerospace, we’re dedicated to tackling the toughest challenges facing the aviation industry: how do we create a more connected commercial aviation ecosystem that links key partners and touchpoints with powerful data for unprecedented insights? How can airlines take advantage of the data being generated across the aviation ecosphere to unlock new insights that deliver efficiencies for operators, and provide a seamless travel experience for passengers?

At Collins Aerospace our heritage, in large part, is a history of making connections.
The ARINC Global Network, together with our growing information enablement and aviation products uniquely positions Collins Aerospace to link key touchpoints and partners across the commercial aviation ecosystem – from passengers, airlines and airports to aircraft manufacturers, system suppliers and service providers. Through these connections, partners from across the industry – airlines, airframe manufacturers, and system suppliers and software developers – will all be empowered to deliver improved efficiencies for operators, and create a digitally enhanced experience for passengers.

We offer a variety of connectivity solutions – from traditional cockpit communications to high-speed broadband – that link both passengers and flight crews to the ground. And information-enabled products like our advanced avionics, powerful airborne information systems and airborne networks generate data, collect it and transmit it efficiently and securely to destinations near and far.

Today, almost every step in the commercial air travel process generates information. Around the globe, from the moment passengers make a reservation in their departure city, to the moment they catch a cab at the airport in their arrival city, they interact with a wide variety of systems.

Each of these interactions, each of these touchpoints, generates data – from a biometric face scan to a fleet’s worth of fuel efficiency data on a particular aircraft platform. Sometimes it’s immediately used, sometimes it’s almost immediately thrown away, and sometimes it’s stored somewhere – but for undetermined or unclear purposes. By creating an ecosystem that can connect these multiple sources of data, our industry can work together to ensure travelers reach their destination safely, comfortably and on time.

In the Collins Aerospace connected ecosphere, information about developing weather, traffic patterns, gate availability and more could be shared with airlines, air traffic controllers, airport operators and beyond to enhance the precision and ultimate success and passenger experience for thousands of flights every day.

That is the future of the connected aviation ecosphere and that is the future of Collins Aerospace.