Pre-Conference Workshop

Pre-Conference M&E / MRO Systems Adoption Masterclass Workshop*

Tuesday, 10th March 2020 (14:00 – 17:00)

* This workshop is free of charge.

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Workshop Title:
M&E / MRO Systems Adoption Masterclass Workshop


Workshop Overview:

The rate of technology innovation and advancements with MRO software outpaces good adoption by business units. It is estimated that:

– Less than 40% of organizations are on the latest releases of their core MRO software systems
– The usage of what is installed and available to end-users is lower than 60%
– Technology enablement of business tasks and processes is just at 50%

Where is your organization on this spectrum? Making optimal use of existing software applications starts with qualitatively and quantitatively analysing business functions usage and adoption against technology capabilities. Defining opportunities from that analysis and setting a strategy for improvements should then follow. Additionally, embedding a culture of continuous improvement and standardizing the (non-technical) handling of software releases to stay current is a common challenge to be addressed. This workshop looks into ways of keeping both business processes and software releases optimal and in sync.


Workshop Agenda:

14:00 – 15:00    Theory & Introduction:

  • Do you continuously measure the effectiveness and performance of your business processes?
  • How well are your current M&E / MRO processes enabled with available technology? Are systems used efficiently and to their full potential for the business?
  • Does each role in your the maintenance organization have the right decision support information in a real-time and timely fashion?
  • What is the integrity of the data? Do all stakeholders trust it or do they have their own methods of capture? Is there one source of truth?
  • How well are you keeping up with system releases and emerging industry trends? Are you on the latest versions? Do you stay abreast of advancements in business processes and corresponding software impacts?

  • 15:00 – 15:30    REFRESHMENT BREAK

15:30 – 17:00 Collaboration session:

During this section of the Workshop, and using real-life examples, you will get hands-on experience with the following processes:

  • Processes mapping
  • Solutions blueprinting
  • Measuring processes effectiveness
  • Implementing changes with processes and software
Open questions and answers forum

  • 17:00    Close of Pre-conference Digital Transformation in Aviation Training Workshop

  • All participants will be provided with course materials post-conference.
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Allan Bachan

Vice President


Allan is a Vice President at ICF with 32 years of industry experience as an Aviation M&E, MRO and Supply Chain solutions and systems domain expert. He is responsible for ICF’s MRO Operations and IT practice and he manages the Aircraft Commerce Consulting relationship with ICF. He specializes in solution blueprinting for MRO, Supply Chain and ancillary IT systems

His experience includes managing application design, development, and full cycle implementation – from selection to go-live – for strategic clients in the MRO industry using different commercially available MRO IT products. He has also spearheaded many carriers’ M&E and MRO systems solution design, customizations, integrations and implementations including project governance, data migration and change management.

In his career, Allan has fulfilled the following leadership roles:

  • MRO IT practice and technical lead for industry leading solutions companies realizing more than 20 go-lives involving at least 8 different systems
  • MRO systems Product Principal for a large global IT solutions and systems integration company
  • M&E and MRO Solutions Director for a large global aviation software and solutions provider Manager of Technical Records, Maintenance Planning and
  • Production Control at a mid-size commercial airline with full MRO

Glen Noon

Senior Consultant – Engineering IT Systems

Aircraft Commerce Consulting

In nearly 40 years, Glen has gained a reputation for integrity, problem-solving, professionalism, depth of knowledge and perseverance. Starting in 1978 as a Royal Navy aircraft engineer, with fixed and rotary wing aircraft, he rose to manage the British Military’s first Aircraft Management System.

Glen joined Computer Science Corporation in 2000, working with GKN Westlands & Lockheed Martin UKIS to deliver MSSAS logistical solution for the Merlin, later working with Lockheed Aeronautics, managing an Asset Management tool supporting C130J assets for global users. He joined XL Airways in 2006 and implemented AMOS for three Group companies before, as a consultant, joining easyJet to assist their AMOS implementation.

Glen’s next project at BMI meant working on both MRO and Flight Operations solutions, and in the sale of the Airline. British Airways Next Generation project for the induction of the B787 and A380’s connected Aircraft followed, before, in 2013, moving to consult with Etihad Airways on their Entry into Service project. Having delivered an MRO Solution for the e-Enabled fleet plus built up and led a Technical Competency Center, Glen left Etihad Airways in 2017 for Europe and clients including Vueling Airways and Flybe.

Glen continues to apply, across a wide spectrum of aviation clients, his deep understanding of aircraft, component maintenance, e- Enablement, IT systems and problem-solving.

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